Convection Oven-Baked Banana Cake

This morning I was in the supermarket wondering what to cook for our breakfast. I wanted to bake bread but we don’t have bake wares, just a convection oven that was given to us as a gift for our wedding. I thought I could use the ceramic cups as muffin pans so I decided to give it a try.

I found all-purpose flour but there was no baking powder so it’s going to be useless. And so I opted for the ready-made mixture of flour, baking powder, butter and sugar to create a banana cake. All I had to do was buy banana and eggs to mix. This is my first time to bake, by the way. I used to cook pancakes but it’s through frying, not baking—thus, I’m a little bit excited to see and taste the bread I will be making with my own hands.

banana muffin

These are the ingredients of the banana cake:

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