Are you a Bad Mom?

I just watched Bad Moms– a movie about three overworked but underappreciated Moms who take a break from mommy hood for a while to live their long overdue Mom fantasies.


Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. You not only spend your time but give your all—energy, emotions and sanity, to the point of losing some for yourself. Everyone thinks you’re a loser, useless bitch who comfortably stays at home with your kids and add up to the burden of your working husband. Most people who haven’t been in your shoes don’t understand what it feels like being YOU. A full time mommy/nanny/helper/cook/all around. They’re not aware of the times you skip meals because the baby is not yet asleep. They don’t know about that moment you peed in your pants because you have no time for bathroom breaks. They don’t know about the hard work that comes with being a mommy. The tears. Sleeplessness. They don’t have any clue.

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Here’s what sparks my interest in all things vintage


My love for all things classic started when I was involved in a vintage restoration show. My job was to research, write and direct several episodes of Mission Restorable. Every time I go to the field to do my recces, I always end up with so much happiness and excitement in my heart. I always tell myself that someday, I’ll have my own vintage collection too!

In each episode of Mission Restorable, we feature numerous profiles with different collections that need some restoration and we find the right people to restore those valuable items. We also have this mini segment showcasing an interesting profile who refurbishes his own vintage stuff.

Meet one of the people I met while doing my research.

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6 Signs you have a Monster-in-law



You first met her when your then boyfriend brought you in their house and introduced you to her. She seems so nice, caring and thoughtful like your own mother. She cooks every time you visit their house. Asks you about your job, your family and future plans. Wishes you to be the future wife of her son as you seem to be a great fit until..

You married his son.

Gave him a grandson.

Lived with her under the same roof.

Everything changed in a snap.

She turned into a different person. A person you wished you haven’t had connection with. Spot this 6 signs you have a monster-in-law and know what to do about it.

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A gift from the Solar Artist Jordan Mang-osan

The artist that created the solar art featuring Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is the same artist who made me a sketch for free years ago.

In 2013, we did a feature of this unique artist who paints using the heat of the sun, a magnifying glass and a piece of wood. According to him, his mentor Santiago Bose was the first to use this technique of burning to produce an art. He just developed the medium—using wood as canvass, not paper.

His solar arts depict the rich cultural heritage of Cordillera. He has a solar paint of Mansip-ok or Igorot doctor, Patonggok dance, Ifugao warrior and a huge solar portrait of Manny Pacquiao. All these artworks were exhibited in the Tam-Awan Village at the time of our filming.

In there, you can also find other artists who sketch visiting tourists. Mang Jordan caught me asking about the price and told me, he could make me a sketch if I want. Who would refuse? And so he did.



I’m a happy kid!


My Sister’s Advanced Birthday Treat at Tim Ho Wan in SM North Edsa

I’ve first known about Tim Ho Wan when I was in Singapore when my colleagues fussed about how good their dim sum is. I’ve always wanted to have a taste of the food in this most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant but it’s just recently that I got to experience dining in Tim Ho Wan.

Good thing this dim sum restaurant that originated in Hongkong is now in the Philippines. They have a branch in SM Megamall, Glorietta and SM North. We headed to the nearest branch in our place, which is in SM North.


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Zandrei’s 1st Roll Over

Last night when I was still in the office, my sister in law broke the news that finally, my baby Zandrei knows how to roll over on his tummy. 

Baby has been trying to do it since yesterday morning, grabbing his pillows and blankets to help him pull his body up and roll. It’s taking him long so I decided to help him flip. 

I’m thrilled to know that he managed to do it on his own at last and this morning I was able to witness it with my very own eyes.



Customized Chocolates as Unique Giveaways

Looking for a unique giveaway for your wedding, birthday, baptism and all kinds of occasions? Tired of the usual souvenirs like key chains, button pins, ref magnets and cake in jars?

Try giving away what everyone wants to receive–chocolates! And not just the ordinary one you can buy in food stops and supermarkets. I’m talking about homemade chocolates with labels and designs you can customize.


In a bazaar in Trinoma, I saw this interesting booth of Chubz and Mimi’s Candy Shop. Continue reading