Rekindle your childhood imagination in Children’s Little Museum in Singapore

When you were a kid, what are the toys you used to play with?

Mine were the mini clay pots and pans, rubber bands, plastic balloons, aroma beads or kisses and paper dolls. I grew up in the province and there, life is simple. Our neighbours were my playmates and the nature was our playground. We turned muds to stoves, cans to cars and sticks to toy guns.

I’ve known that children in Singapore used to be that resourceful and creative too when it comes to producing toys out of available materials in their house or backyard. I’ve seen some of these toys in the Children’s Little Museum located at the Kampong Glam in Singapore and they somehow rekindle my own happy childhood memories.

The man behind the collection is Patrick Neo, a vintage toys collector and the owner of the Children’s Little Museum. I met him when I did a recce for the “Forever Young” episode I was working on for a TV show in Singapore. I was looking for a profile who owns old toys that need some restoration and I thought he could be the one as he has this treasure trove of vintage toys.

children little museum

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Here’s what sparks my interest in all things vintage


My love for all things classic started when I was involved in a vintage restoration show. My job was to research, write and direct several episodes of Mission Restorable. Every time I go to the field to do my recces, I always end up with so much happiness and excitement in my heart. I always tell myself that someday, I’ll have my own vintage collection too!

In each episode of Mission Restorable, we feature numerous profiles with different collections that need some restoration and we find the right people to restore those valuable items. We also have this mini segment showcasing an interesting profile who refurbishes his own vintage stuff.

Meet one of the people I met while doing my research.

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A gift from the Solar Artist Jordan Mang-osan

The artist that created the solar art featuring Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is the same artist who made me a sketch for free years ago.

In 2013, we did a feature of this unique artist who paints using the heat of the sun, a magnifying glass and a piece of wood. According to him, his mentor Santiago Bose was the first to use this technique of burning to produce an art. He just developed the medium—using wood as canvass, not paper.

His solar arts depict the rich cultural heritage of Cordillera. He has a solar paint of Mansip-ok or Igorot doctor, Patonggok dance, Ifugao warrior and a huge solar portrait of Manny Pacquiao. All these artworks were exhibited in the Tam-Awan Village at the time of our filming.

In there, you can also find other artists who sketch visiting tourists. Mang Jordan caught me asking about the price and told me, he could make me a sketch if I want. Who would refuse? And so he did.



I’m a happy kid!


It can be both

(Moved from my old blog)

Years ago, when I was still in college and worried about my chosen course, I wrote an article entitled “Why can’t it be both?”. I wondered if the career that I wanted to pursue would feed my family.

I said that when I earn enough from the job that I love, I would change the title into “It can be both”.

After numerous work experiences in various TV networks and private production companies, I managed to get by. I became financially independent and even helped my parents send my siblings to school. I am not rich, yet. But I’ll be, soon! I claim it!

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How to find a compelling case study for TV?

(Moved from my old blog)

We’re in a meeting.

Our boss was asking for more story proposals. I looked at my notes and hesitated to pitch because my stories are from being compelling.

My segment producer suddenly broke the silence and exclaimed, “Stevens Johnson Syndrome”. What the heck was that? I studied biology and read all encyclopaedias I can find at home but I have never heard of that!

It sounds very hard to find.
I glanced at him, asking, “Are you sure? Where on Earth can I find someone who has Stevens Johnson Syndrome? I don’t even know that!”

He said he knows of someone who was diagnosed with that disease and it happens to be a prominent actor in the Philippines. He dropped the name but he doesn’t have the contact number, just the name of the restaurant that the profile owns.

Boss approved and my dilemma started.

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First Story

(Moved from my old blog)

I was in a bus bound for Manila.

I received a call. He asked me if I’d be willing to be part of a team who produces a documentary-drama for TV5. I’d be a researcher.


I accepted the challenge because I thought I had no choice. I’d been looking for a job for a month and I thought I could settle into something less than what I wanted. I aspired to be a reporter but after being declined by a less known TV network, I felt disappointed, almost shattered.

Maybe it’s time to just let fate lead the way.

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Unsung Hero of Lupang Pangako

(Moved from my old blog)

In 2011, I braved Payatas.

I went there alone, looking for someone who saved lives in a trashlide tragedy that killed hundreds of people 15 years ago.


Payatas dumpsite then.

They pointed me to Jose Sauro, a resident of Lupang Pangako that was heavily affected by the catastrophe.

“It was eight in the morning”, he recalled, “when someone shouted that the mountain of garbage was about to collapse, I didn’t think about my house, I thought about my neighbours.”

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