Unlimited Warts Removal for P99: Real or not?

I always regard myself as a “low maintenance” woman. I can live without makeup and fancy clothes, maybe because of my previous work as a field producer. It’s so demanding that there’s no room left for kaartehan as we’re always out in the sun and exposed to all kinds of elements around. So most of the time, with my hair tied and my comfortable shirt on, I’m good to go.

If not for my acne I wouldn’t use a special soap and cream for my face. But still, sometimes I get pasaway. I seldom put sunscreen on.

My skin condition got worse when I gave birth. You know how demanding mommyhood is. We almost have no time for ourselves.

So there are these white warts that appear around my eyes. At first I still can count them but as the days progress, they grow in number in different areas of my face. One time my sister tried to prick it. It was so painful, it bleeds–so from then on, I didn’t dare touch them again, hoping that they will disappear on their own.


However I was alarmed when Continue reading