The Things We Love About The Pahiyas Festival 2017


There’s something about fiestas that ignite my sense of wanderlust. It must be the chaos, colors, and uncertainty that excite me like New Year! I couldn’t wait to take photos of the fireworks and delight in the noise!

So imagine the joy in me when my hubby told me we were going to Quezon Province for the Pahiyas Festival! He knew just the right adventure I’m up to. The three things I seek when I travel– local food, picturesque place, and relaxation.

1 pahiyas festival

Before, I prefer traveling solo so I don’t have to worry about what my companion likes or dislikes. Now, I’m comfortable exploring strange places with my hubby whose feet are itchier than mine! I like being with him, just not on a motorcycle driving off that far! But I don’t have much choice, you see?

3 pahiyas festival

We left Quezon City in the afternoon, slept in one of the inns on the way and resumed the ride at dawn! At 6 am, we found ourselves at the foot of a hill where a giant statue of JesusChrist stood tall. It’s known as the “Kamay ni Hesus”, where thousands of people flock during the Lenten season.

4 kamay ni hesus

5 kamay ni hesus

Not so far from the healing shrine are the quaint streets of Lucban filled with tourists, both local and foreign, as well as vendors of different sorts. They sell the famous yet a tad expensive Lucban longganisa, tasty pancit Habhab and Kiping, colorful leaf-shaped wafers made of rice. It’s edible but it’s mostly used to adorn the houses in Lucban during the Pahiyas Festival.

6 pahiyas festival

14 pahiyas festival

9 pahiyas festival

10 pahiyas

8 pahiyas festival

11 pahiyas festival7 pahiyas festival

Besides kiping, the houses were also decorated with vegetables in great quantity such as sweet potatoes, string beans, and chayote! They credit the abundance of their harvest to San Isidro Labrador, also known as the “Isidore the Farmer”, that’s why they celebrate his feast day every 15th of May.

The residents in there are blessed to have such lovely celebration that gathers people around the world as they have the chance to showcase the beauty of their place while making a living out of it. Oh, how I wish we have such fun feast too back in my hometown in Pangasinan!

12 pahiyas festival

13 pahiyas festival

15 pahiyas festival

16 pahiyas festival

At night, when the houses were lit up, we found ourselves totally dumbfounded, so in love with the place! Though my feet were tired from the day tour, we repeated the round again! The streets were packed with people dancing, singing and eating! Everyone was ecstatic including us who at first were shy of grooving to the music but eventually gave in to the contagious joy of just being there and having the freedom to do crazy things!

I guess more travel to merry places is coming! *Fingers crossed


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