Early Summer Getaway: Hulugan Falls in Brgy. San Salvador in Luciana, Laguna

They say the moment you would have a baby, you have less time left for your spouse. You would spend most of your time looking after your little one. You won’t even have the chance to comb your hair or look at the mirror. What more to travel together with your husband?

Don’t feel guilty when once in a while, you leave your baby under the care of your parents or siblings so you can take a break and devote some time in strengthening your relationship with the father of your child. You both need that.

And so when we brought Zandrei to the province so we can have the time to fix our new house here in the metro where we just moved in, we also had the chance to do the things we used to do before our little bundle of joy arrived.

Hubby took a break from work and we headed to Laguna to see the Hulugan Falls, which the travel bloggers have been talking about. We rode the motorcycle and travelled as early as 5am. Good decision as we didn’t encounter heavy traffic. We passed by San Pedro, Biṅan, Calamba, Los Baṅos, Pansols and Pagsanjan.

hubby driving to laguna

los banos

The municipalities in Laguna that are near Metro Manila are already urbanized, with malls and subdivisions. I’m not really a fan of crowded places and concrete jungles so when we’ve reached Los Baṅos, I felt sleepy and asked hubby if we could rest for a while. We stopped by an inn and took a nap for three hours. Short time you know! Wink.

After regaining some energy, we pushed through. As we travel farther, the view in Laguna was getting nicer as Mt. Makiling reveals itself to us. The weather was perfect, it was cloudy and windy, so I began enjoying the ride.


pagsankan old houses

When we’ve reached Pagsanjan where the famous falls in Laguna is located, I was in awe to see that the falls is not the only thing worth visiting in Pagsanjan. The quaint town is still filled with beautiful old houses. I have this penchant for vintage and old houses so imagine the spark in my eyes upon seeing these establishments that I only used to see and read about in books. I’ve visited the old houses in Vigan and Taal but I must say, the vibe was different in Pagsanjan. It seems like the houses are naturally preserved.

However, we didn’t alight in Pagsanjan because we have a target place to go and that is still one and a half hour from Pagsanjan, according to Waze. We can always go back some other time.

gasoline station

And so back to our journey. The road on the way to Hulugan Falls is like the road going to Tanay, Rizal. There are curves and hills but not as narrow and steep as the Kennon Road going to Baguio so you’ll be safe. It helps to use Waze as there are no sign boards pointing to Hulugan Falls.

barangay headquarters

We passed by the barangay headquarters of San Salvador as some volunteers are outside, blocking incoming vehicles. They say they need to give us a tour guide as the trail going to the falls is tricky. We might get lost or slip in risky slopes.


with ate elizbeth

Our tour guide, Ate Elizabeth, accompanied us to the nearby barangay office so we can list our names in their log book. They asked for P20 per head fee for the maintenance of the place, perhaps to pay for the people who fix the trail and make it easier for tourists to trek and to pay for the residents who pick up after the trashes of the outsiders who visit the falls. We were also asked to pay additional P10 for the parking. Not bad.

From the barangay office, we began walking. We dropped by an eatery and took a lunch first since it’s already passed noon and we’re hungry. After eating, we started the trek. At first it’s manageable as the trail is firm and flat but as we go down the hills, my knees were trembling as the trail becomes erratic. You need to hold on to the bamboo fence or to the big rocks as you descend. It helped that we wore rubber shoes!

trek down hulugan falls

rocky road down hulugan falls

After around 20-30 minutes, we got to the foot of the hill and saw the majestic, towering Hulugan Falls.

hulugan falls water

hulugan falls visitors

hulugan falls cave

hulugan falls pic

hulugan cave pic

Since I’m no expert in swimming, I stayed on shallow parts of the falls, and hubby didn’t leave my side. We faced the stunning falls while talking about how grateful we are for seeing such a wonderful creation and for having each other to witness it together. We may have a baby now who we love more than ourselves, but it must not make us love each other less.

selfie with hulugan falls

We can’t wait to bring Zandrei with us on our next adventure!


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