Rekindle your childhood imagination in Children’s Little Museum in Singapore

When you were a kid, what are the toys you used to play with?

Mine were the mini clay pots and pans, rubber bands, plastic balloons, aroma beads or kisses and paper dolls. I grew up in the province and there, life is simple. Our neighbours were my playmates and the nature was our playground. We turned muds to stoves, cans to cars and sticks to toy guns.

I’ve known that children in Singapore used to be that resourceful and creative too when it comes to producing toys out of available materials in their house or backyard. I’ve seen some of these toys in the Children’s Little Museum located at the Kampong Glam in Singapore and they somehow rekindle my own happy childhood memories.

The man behind the collection is Patrick Neo, a vintage toys collector and the owner of the Children’s Little Museum. I met him when I did a recce for the “Forever Young” episode I was working on for a TV show in Singapore. I was looking for a profile who owns old toys that need some restoration and I thought he could be the one as he has this treasure trove of vintage toys.

children little museum

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Convection Oven-Baked Banana Cake

This morning I was in the supermarket wondering what to cook for our breakfast. I wanted to bake bread but we don’t have bake wares, just a convection oven that was given to us as a gift for our wedding. I thought I could use the ceramic cups as muffin pans so I decided to give it a try.

I found all-purpose flour but there was no baking powder so it’s going to be useless. And so I opted for the ready-made mixture of flour, baking powder, butter and sugar to create a banana cake. All I had to do was buy banana and eggs to mix. This is my first time to bake, by the way. I used to cook pancakes but it’s through frying, not baking—thus, I’m a little bit excited to see and taste the bread I will be making with my own hands.

banana muffin

These are the ingredients of the banana cake:

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Early Summer Getaway: Hulugan Falls in Brgy. San Salvador in Luciana, Laguna

They say the moment you would have a baby, you have less time left for your spouse. You would spend most of your time looking after your little one. You won’t even have the chance to comb your hair or look at the mirror. What more to travel together with your husband?

Don’t feel guilty when once in a while, you leave your baby under the care of your parents or siblings so you can take a break and devote some time in strengthening your relationship with the father of your child. You both need that.

And so when we brought Zandrei to the province so we can have the time to fix our new house here in the metro where we just moved in, we also had the chance to do the things we used to do before our little bundle of joy arrived.

Hubby took a break from work and we headed to Laguna to see the Hulugan Falls, which the travel bloggers have been talking about. We rode the motorcycle and travelled as early as 5am. Good decision as we didn’t encounter heavy traffic. We passed by San Pedro, Biṅan, Calamba, Los Baṅos, Pansols and Pagsanjan.

hubby driving to laguna

los banos

The municipalities in Laguna that are near Metro Manila are already urbanized, with malls and subdivisions. I’m not really a fan of crowded places and concrete jungles so when we’ve reached Los Baṅos, I felt sleepy and asked hubby if we could rest for a while. We stopped by an inn and took a nap for three hours. Short time you know! Wink.

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