Zandrei’s Baptism: Preparation, Suppliers, Expenses

Are you planning for your baby’s baptism and don’t know where to start?

I was in the same shoes too when we’ve set the date of my baby Zandrei’s christening. I was so occupied with my job and looking after Zandrei that I always postponed the preparation for his upcoming baptism until there’s only one month left for me to put everything in order.

I thought one month is barely enough because I was not sure then if the church asks for tons of requirements (as weddings) and I don’t have contacts of any supplier of sorts for parties.

But as for anything we need help for, asking others definitely unload the heavy burden. Plus, reading other moms’ blogs.

Here was the list of my to-dos:

  1. Church Registration
  2. Venue and Decoration
  3. Invitations, Tarpaulin, Digital Chalkboard
  4. Food and Cake
  5. Photo coverage
  6. Baby Baptism Clothes
  7. Baptism Souvenirs and Favours

Once I jotted down the things I need to accomplish, that’s when I had known that I can do it all in 1 month. They’re not as many and tedious to do as the preparation for weddings. And so I ticked it off one by one.


The nearest church in our place is the Holy Family Parish in West Kamias, Quezon City so we went there to inquire about the requirements and fees.

Registration should be one week before the date of baptism. You need to submit the following:

-Registered Birth Certificate of Child (NSO or City Hall-verified copy)

-Parents’ Marriage Contract (if married)

-Certificate of No Record of Child (if 1 year old and above)

-Baptismal Permit

Since Zandrei is just 4 months old and we live in West Kamias, we only submitted the first and second requirements.

For Sunday Baptism, the fees are:

P 300 – Principal Sponsors (1st pair)

P 50 – Additional Sponsors (per head)

Time: 11 am only

However if you want a solo baptism for your baby, they can also accommodate you on a Saturday.


P 2,500 (Maximum of 10 pairs of Sponsors and candles included)

Time: 10am or 11am only

The good thing about having your baby baptized here is that, they conduct the baptism rites inside the church where you can take a picture of your baby and his/her Godparents after. And I read that some churches are strict when it comes to baby’s clothes, that your baby should just wear simple clothes. In Holy Family Parish, as long as the baby’s clothes are white and presentable, it’s fine. And oh! Before I forgot, don’t forget to bring your baby’s hat because there’s this part of the rites where the priest asks parents to cover their baby’s head with hat. Since other parents didn’t bring one, they just cover their baby’s head with white handkerchief. For parents and Godparents, decent clothes will do whatever colour.


Since the date we chose for Zandrei’s baptism is the same day as the barangay fiesta when we usually cook and have guests coming over, we decided to have the reception in our house, which is just a walking distance from the church.

The problem is, the space is small to accommodate more than 50 people so we had to put up two tents outside the compound. We rented two long tables with cover (P 150 each) and 40 chairs (P10 each) from Dom’s Partyshop, which a friend recommended.


We decorated the place with DIY banderitas and artsy balloons (25pcs for P100). We blew up the assorted-designed and colourful balloons that we bought from Anding’s Toys and Flowers Inc and they looked nice and cute!



Thanks to my colleague who taught me the basics of Photoshop. Instead of paying much for the printed mats we need for the baptism, we saved a lot from doing it on our own.


This is the invitation I designed for Zandrei’s baptism. I have it printed in 3Rs (6 pesos each) at Uniprint.


The tarpaulin (P8 per square meter) on the other hand, I have it printed at TGE Outdoor Advertising. Since they are my sister’s company’s supplier, they gave it to me in a cheaper price.


I also made a digital chalkboard (P 44), detailing important milestones and trivia about Zandrei. See how much you can do and save just to have that one essential skill nowadays?


Since my mother-in-law does all the cooking, I didn’t have to worry about what food to prepare. Hubby and I just allotted around P 10,000 for all the food excluding the lechon (P6,500) and the cake (my sister in-law paid for this).

We served pastel, caldereta, igado, lumpia, fresh lumpia, baked mac, suman, biko and buko salad as dessert.

The food was just enough because after the party, there are still some leftovers which we consumed the next morning.


Documenting precious memories like this is a must, I know, but to spend substantial amount of money for photo coverage is something we don’t subscribe too. Instead, I ask my sister if we can borrow his hubby’s DSLR and if she can do the photo taking. She agreed so we didn’t hire a professional to do the work.

During the baptism in the church, my colleague volunteered to take over the photo coverage. We’re in the video production business so alam na this.


My sister passed on my nephew’s baptism clothes and since it’s just worn once, it still looks good. It’s a white jumper with a white polo shirt and bow tie. However, I wanted to buy Zandrei a brand new one so I did (P350) but when we’re home, the white top with bow tie and printed hot air balloon fits the white jumper well than its original pair (shorts) so I mixed it to match.


I also bought new socks for Zandrei (3 pairs for P200). The shoes he wore were the shoes I bought long ago. We didn’t purchase a new one because he’ll only wear it once. Zandrei doesn’t want to wear shoes; he keeps on kicking every time I put on his shoes.


My hubby wants ref magnets as souvenirs for Godparents so I initially looked for ref magnets online. I found some cute polymer clay ref magnets done by mompreneurs that costs around P45-P70 but for hubby, it’s still expensive so we looked for other options.


We found this shop in Kamuning that sells products that can work as souvenirs for your occasions. Marksign Advertising is the name.



They mostly cater to large scale companies but they are open to create customized souvenirs for birthdays, baptisms and weddings as long as you order in bulk. And by bulk, it means at least 50pcs order of this tumbler for them to do a customized print which can cost more or less P100 each.



And for the rubber ref magnet, they said we should order at least 1,000 pcs to have it customized. Since my baby isn’t a celebrity to have that many guests, we didn’t pursue.

Instead, we went to Divisoria to scour for the best-priced baptism souvenirs. That’s where we bought our wedding souvenirs so I guess we can also find affordable giveaways there for Zandrei’s christening. And we’re right!


Tavora St. have all kinds of souvenirs one is looking for. We’re particularly drawn to this one shop that sells these cute giveaways.


A pastel-coloured cupcake towel with baby picture for P20


Rubber alphabet cube with glass frame and baby picture for P20


Glass frame with Rubik’s Cube and baby picture for P35

It didn’t take that long for us to decide that, yes, we want the colourful cupcake towels! We ordered 40pcs (P 600) and the staff told us we can pick it up in the afternoon. That fast! If you want to order or visit their stall in Divisoria, you can contact them through this:


Having saved a lot in buying these giveaways, hubby and I decided to give leche flan (P35) as favours for Godparents—lechon and suman too! I think everyone left full and happy. Yey!

And our baby.. he slept late that day because he was so happy seeing all his guests and opening all their presents.

How about you Mommies? How was your baby’s baptism?


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