Zandrei’s Baptism: Preparation, Suppliers, Expenses

Are you planning for your baby’s baptism and don’t know where to start?

I was in the same shoes too when we’ve set the date of my baby Zandrei’s christening. I was so occupied with my job and looking after Zandrei that I always postponed the preparation for his upcoming baptism until there’s only one month left for me to put everything in order.

I thought one month is barely enough because I was not sure then if the church asks for tons of requirements (as weddings) and I don’t have contacts of any supplier of sorts for parties.

But as for anything we need help for, asking others definitely unload the heavy burden. Plus, reading other moms’ blogs.

Here was the list of my to-dos:

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The trouble in getting your baby vaccinated in a Public Health Center


It was exactly 6am when I arrived at the nearest public health center in our place. My husband asked his Mom to look after Zandrei for a moment while I queue. Once I reserved a slot, I’ll go back home to fetch my baby. That way, I can spare him from the boredom and stress of waiting for the health center to open.

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Are you a Bad Mom?

I just watched Bad Moms– a movie about three overworked but underappreciated Moms who take a break from mommy hood for a while to live their long overdue Mom fantasies.


Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. You not only spend your time but give your all—energy, emotions and sanity, to the point of losing some for yourself. Everyone thinks you’re a loser, useless bitch who comfortably stays at home with your kids and add up to the burden of your working husband. Most people who haven’t been in your shoes don’t understand what it feels like being YOU. A full time mommy/nanny/helper/cook/all around. They’re not aware of the times you skip meals because the baby is not yet asleep. They don’t know about that moment you peed in your pants because you have no time for bathroom breaks. They don’t know about the hard work that comes with being a mommy. The tears. Sleeplessness. They don’t have any clue.

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