A gift from the Solar Artist Jordan Mang-osan

The artist that created the solar art featuring Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is the same artist who made me a sketch for free years ago.

In 2013, we did a feature of this unique artist who paints using the heat of the sun, a magnifying glass and a piece of wood. According to him, his mentor Santiago Bose was the first to use this technique of burning to produce an art. He just developed the medium—using wood as canvass, not paper.

His solar arts depict the rich cultural heritage of Cordillera. He has a solar paint of Mansip-ok or Igorot doctor, Patonggok dance, Ifugao warrior and a huge solar portrait of Manny Pacquiao. All these artworks were exhibited in the Tam-Awan Village at the time of our filming.

In there, you can also find other artists who sketch visiting tourists. Mang Jordan caught me asking about the price and told me, he could make me a sketch if I want. Who would refuse? And so he did.



I’m a happy kid!


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