My Sister’s Advanced Birthday Treat at Tim Ho Wan in SM North Edsa

I’ve first known about Tim Ho Wan when I was in Singapore when my colleagues fussed about how good their dim sum is. I’ve always wanted to have a taste of the food in this most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant but it’s just recently that I got to experience dining in Tim Ho Wan.

Good thing this dim sum restaurant that originated in Hongkong is now in the Philippines. They have a branch in SM Megamall, Glorietta and SM North. We headed to the nearest branch in our place, which is in SM North.


They have a waiting area outside where you can stay while on queue. Fortunately when we arrived there, there were only few diners so no need to line up. They just asked how many of us will eat and assigned the appropriate table. We requested for the table and chairs in one of the corners so I can lay down my baby but they refused to accommodate our request. It’s a table for 5 people but we’re only two plus my baby. So they gave us the table for 4 instead. Huh!

Anyway, we didn’t let that bother us and proceeded with the order as our tummies were already gurgling. They provided as with the menu-cum-place mat and a checklist of their food where we should write our orders.




Actually we have no idea about their best sellers. We just chose the dishes that look good in pictures and are advertised in their posters.

Few minutes after our order has been placed, they served the food fresh and hot.



Baked Bun with BBQ Pork (P145)


This baked bun is crumbly on the outside and soft in the inside. I love the sweet savoury taste of the bread and the barbecue pork filling inside. It’s your no ordinary bun as it’s surely hard to replicate no matter how simple it looks. I thought I could eat the three buns all by myself but ended up just eating one because it’s heavy in the tummy.

Steamed Spinach Dumpling with Shrimp (P120)


The spinach and shrimp combination is heaven in the mouth. I like the aroma and minty taste of the vegetables and the generous servings of shrimp inside the transparent, chewy wrapper. Definitely a must-try though I’d love it more if it’s spicy.

Chow Mien Stir Fried Noodle (P130)


Being the only noodle dish in their menu, we decided to give it a shot. The noodles taste fresh but the sauce didn’t quite appeal to me as it’s not that tasty, perhaps because egg is it’s only topping—no veggies!

Spare Ribs Rice (170)


We chose this dish because of the rice. We’re hungry, remember? My sister was the first to taste it and exclaimed right away, “Yummy!” so I picked my portion and Oh My, it was so good. The spare ribs were cooked to perfection—medium-rare, soft and tasty. Its seasoning is awesome. I wish it has more servings of the meat that I can eat along with the rice.

Cold Barley (50)

Barley is my favourite drink in Singapore because it’s sweet enough without the artificial sweeteners plus it’s good for the cleansing of the kidney. I expect to taste the same but the cold barley served was not as good. It would have been better if the boiled grains of barley were not taken out of the drinks. It could have tasted sweeter and fresher.

Prices of their food are VAT inclusive and subject to 10% service charge so at bill out, we paid more or less P700. Not bad because we we’re two satisfied customers!

See the aftermath hihi.



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