The 888 Imperial Bundles of Flavours of China

To celebrate my baby Zandrei’s 4th month and the Chinese New Year in advance, we dined at Flavours of China in Trinoma.


It’s been years since I last ate in here. I forgot what the food taste like but I remembered how it got me “bitin”. Perhaps the food is really great!
And so we headed to this Chinese restaurant for a feast. The waitress offered us this 888 Imperial Bundles consisting of two main courses to bundle with Yang Chow fried rice, bird’s nest soup and stir fried beans with minced pork for P888. I wanted chopsuey as the vegetable dish but sadly, the stir fried beans is the only veggie choice in the set menu.


Our order arrived one by one in about 20 minutes.


The Yang Chow fried rice and the sweet and sour pork with pineapple look and taste yummy.


The buttered chicken,crunchy but not juicy.


The stir fried beans with minced pork, I didn’t like much because the beans are not fresh, they’re already chewy.


The soup, creamy. Would have been better if served hot. All of the food.
And there’s a bonus chicharap! The only consolation of the bundle.
When ordered separately, they cost more than a thousand so I thought we’ve saved by choosing the bundle but no. I was quite disappointed to see smaller servings than the usual ala carte. The set menu that’s supposed to be for 4pax is only good for 2pax.

So I decided to add another order of Yang Chow fried rice.
At bill out, we paid around P1,133. Expensive for food that didn’t fill 4 hungry tummies that much.


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