Customized Chocolates as Unique Giveaways

Looking for a unique giveaway for your wedding, birthday, baptism and all kinds of occasions? Tired of the usual souvenirs like key chains, button pins, ref magnets and cake in jars?

Try giving away what everyone wants to receive–chocolates! And not just the ordinary one you can buy in food stops and supermarkets. I’m talking about homemade chocolates with labels and designs you can customize.


In a bazaar in Trinoma, I saw this interesting booth of Chubz and Mimi’s Candy Shop. They sell chocolates with messages pertaining to love, God, work and friendship. For P100, you get to choose 3 medium sized chocolates with special messages.



They also have candies with sweet and short messages.

And flavored chocolates too!


Since I’m on a scout for unique giveaways for my baby’s upcoming baptism, I asked if they customize labels and design. Yes they do! Only if you order a minimum of 80 pieces. You can also choose if you want the chocolates to be locally made or imported.


If you know how to Photoshop, making your own design is easy-peasy. You can just buy your favorite chocolate bars and replace the wrapper with your customized cover. These sweets are sweeter when made with love. Plus, you get to save tons!

Happy DIY-ing!


2 thoughts on “Customized Chocolates as Unique Giveaways

  1. last price na po ung chocolates?ung cover po ay pwede pong palitan un send ko lang sa email ung ilalagay dapat na cover?


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