Singapore Food Review

Because of my previous post about Singapore food, I suddenly browsed my Facebook timeline and albums for pictures of food I ate in Singapore.

Glad that I kept photos of those dishes that appealed to my palate.

1. Prawn Hokkien noodles


I’m not a big fan of noodles but when I lived in Singapore for a year and tasted their fresh, hand-pulled noodles, they became my favorites–plus, the chili paste!

2. Lamb Chop from Pasta Palace


I’m supposed to be served two lamb chops but since it’s one of the best sellers in Pasta Palace restaurant, they ran out of supply. No wonder. It’s deliciously mouthwatering!

3. Thai fried rice


I love sunny side ups, chili and fried rice– and they’re in one meal. How nice!

4. Karaage/ LT rice bowl in La teh


Karaage is a Japanese way of cooking chicken, meat and fish– deep fried. I bet you know what it tastes like. The brocolli is not raw. I think they steamed or boiled it.

5. Beef Bulgogi bento in Bento People




“Eat happy. Choose healthy.” That’s their tagline.

We met the owner of this restaurant/cafe who happens to be a doctor turned chef. He shared his passion for healthy food and how he accidentaly discovered their best selling beef bulgogi with tofu. Quite expensive but worth a taste!

I tried their specialty (Beef Bulgogi) with olive fried red rice and vegetable tom yum. Yum yum!

6. Grilled Chicken and Breaded Pork bento

Looks like we always settle for Japanese food when hungry. The servings will tell why.

I ordered grilled chicken bento..



And my husband, then boyfriend, opted for the breaded pork bento.



I can eat these everyday!

7. Shabu-shabu near Bugis

If you’re on a diet, this is the restaurant you must  avoid. Once you pay around SGD 28 or approximately P 1,000, you’re free to choose, cook or eat any of the seafood, meat, noodles, vegetables, fruits, dessert and drinks they serve– in unlimited quantity.

First you’re given a soup of your choice-it can be infused with tea and herbs, and vegetables or chicken stocks, which you can refill without additional charge. Heat it in the stoves provided, placed on your table. You can adjust the temperature if you want.

While waiting for it to boil, you can go to their buffet area to pick what you want to cook. Don’t worry about using more plates. You’ll pay per head. You can always come back if you want more so just relax and take your time.



My tummy was full afterwards. It’s worth every penny!

8. Braised beef

This food is luscious! The meat is tender and tasty. The vegetables, nuts and boiled egg give balance to the saltiness. They taste good together.


9. Filipino food for Christmas

One of my closest friends and housemate in Singapore cooks very well. She works in a catering business, that’s why. We’re lucky to have her around the house as we get to taste every dish she cooks.

So what to expect when there’s special occasions like Christmas? More delicious and irrisistable food on the table of course!


I personally like her version of chopsuey. All of the veggies included were my favorites!


And the tuna sushi–so delectable!


Though the plating looks enticing, I didn’t taste the chicken because I’d rather fill my stomach with food new in my taste buds.


10. Ice Kachang

This is their version of our halo-halo. The texture of the shaved ice is easy to the mouth. It’s sweet and comes with different flavors and colors. I still prefer our halo-halo though because it has more toothsome ingredients.



While I love most of the food I photograph, some are just worth a snap because they disappointed me in a memorable way.

11. Chicken rice in one of the hawkers in Bedok

I love Singapore’s chicken rice probably because of the rice and the chili paste, and because it’s cheap I can save– not until I bought this.

Advertised versus served.

This only costs SGD 2  or P 70 but I feel that it should costs around just SGD 1. Yay! Not to mention the cucumber is dry!

12. Beef Bulgogi with Kimchi

My taste buds are not fond of Korean food. I don’t like sour tasting food. Their version of bulgogi beef is bland.


13. Thai orange chicken

The sour taste overpowers all other flavors so I don’t like this that much.


14. Beef lasagna in Pasta Palace

This looks appetizing but it doesn’t taste good. I think because it’s so meaty, salty and the cheese is so chewy. My jaw got tired munching.

They give generous servings–I think at least four people should consume this.


I thought I didn’t eat that much variety until I made this list. Actually now I can remember some food  I ate that I didn’t take pictures of. Sad.

In general, I like Singapore food because they not only taste mostly flavorful but because the chefs/cooks take the time to make them appear succulent. Something that spells love for food.


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