Here’s why Cloth Diapering is not for all Moms

As a newbie Mom, I want the best for my firstborn.

Right after knowing that I’m pregnant, my friends added me to different Facebook groups to learn more about smart parenting. I read about breastfeeding, cloth diapering and babywearing as better choices for my baby—hoping that I’d be able to do or have them all.

Let me talk about cloth diapering. One of my friends advised me to try to purchase the Beginners Set from Vezees Closet that includes five different types of cloth diapers.


There are tons of designs to choose from and here’s what I picked:

I paid it through LBC and received the package in 2 days. That fast! I instantly liked them all because the designs are awesome. I planned to buy more once my baby comes out to see first what brand or type fits him or if I could manage to have him use cloth diapers religiously.

One month after my baby was born, we tried the cloth diapers. They fit snugly because they have adjustable button snaps. I personally like the Ecopwet Cover because the bamboo insert is attached above the cover. When baby poops for instance, I can just replace the insert without changing the diaper cover itself.

But since my baby pees and poops several times a day, the five cloth diapers were all used in less than a day. And before I even get to wash one and dries it under the sun, baby needs another diaper.

I thought the hassle is okay as long as I have the time for laundry or have extra money to buy more cloth diapers. At least I can be of help to the Earth as I don’t need to add up to the pile of garbage composed of tons of diapers that take hundreds of years to decompose. Plus I can save a large sum of money. That’s 3,650 disposable diapers per year x Php8 (estimated cost of each diaper) equals Php29,200 per year. That’s way more expensive than buying washable cloth diapers that costs around Php250 to Php300 each.

However, when I returned to work and had no one else to help me take care of my baby, I just didn’t have enough time for washing cloth diapers. Thorough laundry is required as the poops stick well to the insert. It also takes days before they dry up because the cloth is thick and layered.

So what I did was, just use the five cloth diapers only on Saturdays (because I can wash them on Sundays) and disposable diapers on the rest of the days. I saved time and saved Php40 per week or Php1920 per year. Not bad.

When it comes to waste reduction though, I just hope that there exists an affordable disposable biodegradable diaper and it surely will be my choice.


2 thoughts on “Here’s why Cloth Diapering is not for all Moms

  1. Those are some cute diapers! We used mostly cloth, but used disposables at times! I used flushable liners with the cloth diapers, so could just lift the poop out and flush it! Sure that’s not great for the environment but figured it was better then a disposable! I wouldn’t have kept going with cloth if it wasn’t for the flushable liners, made washing them much easier!!

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