Unlimited Warts Removal for P99: Real or not?

I always regard myself as a “low maintenance” woman. I can live without makeup and fancy clothes, maybe because of my previous work as a field producer. It’s so demanding that there’s no room left for kaartehan as we’re always out in the sun and exposed to all kinds of elements around. So most of the time, with my hair tied and my comfortable shirt on, I’m good to go.

If not for my acne I wouldn’t use a special soap and cream for my face. But still, sometimes I get pasaway. I seldom put sunscreen on.

My skin condition got worse when I gave birth. You know how demanding mommyhood is. We almost have no time for ourselves.

So there are these white warts that appear around my eyes. At first I still can count them but as the days progress, they grow in number in different areas of my face. One time my sister tried to prick it. It was so painful, it bleeds–so from then on, I didn’t dare touch them again, hoping that they will disappear on their own.


However I was alarmed when more and more people notice, asking “What are those white dots in your face?” followed by recommendations on using this and that. Since I don’t want to spend much on beauty products that are only good on TV but can’t guarantee effective treatment of my face problem, I chose to have them removed by specialists.

I found out that warts removal can cost me at least P3,000 depending on its number and size. The frugal in me compelled me to look for more affordable yet exemplary wart removal service. I checked MetroDeal and saw this whooping 96% discount on unlimited warts removal. For P99 I’d be able to get rid of these unwanted face spots.



Great unbelievable deal right? However it indicated that the promo is only applicable to pin-sized, flat warts to which I’m not sure if my warts qualify.

And so I bought-to know. I opted for the nearest dermatological clinic that offers the same deal– Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute in SM North the Block. After purchasing the coupon, I called them to book a schedule. The attendant told me that I can go anytime. It’s first come first serve basis. Worried that there’ll be a long queue since 300+ other people bought their discount vouchers, I went there a day before New Year, hoping that everyone else is busy going home to their provinces and have no time for it.

True enough, when I arrived there, there are no other clients. I presented my voucher, waited for a little while until the attendant specialist assessed my warts.


She told me that I have various skin concerns other than warts. Warts are tiny white dots on my face, almost invisible to the naked eye. We get it when our immune system is weak, which pregnant women and stressed people are prone to. These are the coverage of the voucher. Instead of paying P2500 for the treatment, I managed to avail it for just P99.

But the bad news is– I have several embossed/big warts so I need to pay additional P400 and P50 per piece of milia, the other skin issue she’s talking about. It’s what I thought was warts, which I desperately want out of my face. It’s basically bigger, clustered white bumps caused by dead skin cells trapped under the skin’s surface. Prolong exposure to sun can also trigger milia. Though they are not painful, there are unsightly.

The attendant counted the milia in my face and the number reached to 28. So that’s P400 (big warts) + P1,400 (milia) + P350 (healing cream prescribed after the treatment) = P2,150.


Before the procedure.


Upon approval, the session began. She cleaned my face first, dabbed some cream (anaesthesia) and covered my face with thin sticky plastics. She then asked me to wait for 45 minutes until the anaesthesia takes effect.

After 45 minutes, the zapping of my warts and milia started. The procedure is called electrocautery where a needle or other instrument that is electrically heated is used to burn warts.

The pain is tolerable except the burning of milias under my eyes, maybe because the skin in there is thinner. I could feel her take out some pimple-like debris out of the bigger milia— I was relieved as if an ingrown is removed out of my toes!

I smelled a burning odour too, like that of when your decayed tooth material is removed for dental fillings.

The treatment took around 20 minutes. She handed me a mirror after, and I saw my face freshly wounded. Though it’s unsightly, it’s still way better than having visible bumps on my face. I was advised to put on the healing cold cream morning and night until the scars or marks disappear, which will probably take five days.


Right after the warts and milia removal.

Day 1

The small wounds turn red.


Day 2

Then they start to look like chickenpox.


Day 3

As I put on the cream, the scabs started to peel off.

Day 4

All the scabs are now gone but there are still pinkish marks.


Day 5

Finally, I’m free from warts and milia!


They say warts and milia are recurring skin conditions, so to avoid ever having them again, I use a facial wash with salicylic acid that deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin. It opens up clogged pores and reduces acne marks.

Try L’Opulent Lumiere Facial Foam Cleanser. It removes makeup, dirt, oil and other impurities without stripping protective lipids.


So that’s it. Hope this helps you decide whether or not to have your warts removed. Though the deal costs me higher than expected, it’s still a bargain compared to when you just walk in the dermatological clinic without a discount coupon. To be sure on the exact amount you will spend, you can go in there to have your warts assessed before purchasing the voucher.


2 thoughts on “Unlimited Warts Removal for P99: Real or not?

  1. Hi! I’d just like to ask.. so what happened to the 99 pesos unli warts removal? I thought if I’ll avail that, I won’t be spending thousands of money but I think it’s unavoidable?


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