Summary Of My 2016

2016 is a special year for me as I braved new milestones in life. Most our surprising; some, I planned and finally ticked off my bucket list.

January 2016

First month of the year, we joined the procession of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo. I wasn’t able to touch the statue but I managed to throw my towel and have it wiped. Yey!



It is in the beginning of the year that I also focused on learning new skill that is, using Photoshop. Thanks to my colleague and friend who patiently taught me how. Here’s some of my output:




I also started my first small business—making and selling dishwashing liquid, which I learned when I attended the free livelihood training of MomCares in Cubao. I was able to use my newly acquired basic knowledge of Photoshop in creating my own logo.


My Mom and I sold the first batch of Klens in our neighbourhood. It would have been a good start-up if I didn’t stop.  I stopped because..

February 2016

In February 2016, I have known the good news that I’m pregnant and due to give birth on October. Exposing myself to chemicals is harmful to my baby so I put off that small business for a while.

March 2016

For the holy week, we went to Cutud, Pampanga to watch the annual devotees’ penitence. They marched under the scorching heat while hurting and wounding themselves with blades and ropes. It was so hot, I almost fainted. Bring a lot of water in case you decide to go there too.




April 2016

My colleagues and I traveled around Luzon for the Royale National Caravan.





It is this month that I finally tied the knot with my long time love of my life, Mac. It was just a simple celebration in my hometown, Sta. Barbara, Pangasinan, with our family, relatives and closest friends.


Right after our wedding, we went to Zambales for the continuation of the celebration, this time with my husband’s relatives. A day after that, we went to Potipot Island with family and friends. I was so damn tired and stressed but ecstatic that we’re finally married.

May 2016

It’s Philippine Elections. I casted my vote hoping that the next leaders of our country would instigate real change.

June 2016

We went to Manaoag Church and thanked God for the bountiful blessings He has been providing.

July 2016

My Creative Production team covered Royale’s 10th Anniversary in the world’s largest indoor arena: the Philippine Arena. It’s overwhelming to watch the AVP we produced (which I wrote) projected onscreen and be watched by thousands of Royale distributors around the world.



August 2016

My husband and I celebrated our 5 happy years of love through a simple buffet lunch in Cabalen.


It is in this month that I get to know more about Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump by reading the books they wrote. They inspired me to be financially free, not just secured.

And though I’m more inspired than ever before to work harder, my pregnancy made me postponed some of my goals. It reminded me to slow down, cherish the moment with my baby inside my womb and think about our well-being first, above all. Life has its own way of prompting me. I suffered from Bell’s Palsy and couldn’t move the right side of my face—eyes, nose and lips. Talking and eating became chores in a snap.

September 2016

My Bell’s Palsy was gradually healing.

Due to the lack of water in my tummy, my OB-gyne advised me to undergo caesarean section delivery and so we met our son sooner. Two weeks earlier than my expected due date, I gave birth to one adorable baby boy at the Sta. Teresita Hospital.


October 2016

I was in a roller coaster of sleeplessness and restlessness. Salute to all mommies!

November 2016

I spent the whole month taking care of my baby while side tripping once in a while.

December 2016

I was back at work! We filmed several Christmas parties in Marriott Hotel and Laffline Comedy Bar.


Before the year ended, I have my warts removed and enrolled myself in a university to learn more about digital marketing.

So there’s the list of the things that sum up my 2016. Though I didn’t accomplish all my resolutions that I jotted down at the start of the year, I’m proud of myself for achieving some of my goals and surviving mommyhood with a happy, contented heart. If there’s one thing that 2016 has thought me, that’s treating life as a masterpiece. It takes time to be successful. We have a lifetime to polish and make ourselves deserving of the bigger blessings to come. It’s okay to move slowly, to delay some dreams that need more time and to welcome surprises. That’s what makes our stories distinct and life, worth living.

In 2017, I will strive to be a better person in all areas. I will chase meaningful experiences, build lasting relationships and create precious memories. 2017, here I come!


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