Kids Battling Cancer

(Moved from my old blog)

It’s way past midnight.

Someone died in the hospital where we were filming. Covered in white cloth, he’s lying on a hospital bed. Nurses pushed the bed towards the morgue for embalming.

Meanwhile, a man with leprosy was on a wheelchair. He went out of the isolation room to watch us filming.

I stayed distant until he was sent back inside.

I wanted to feel some emotion but because I was sleepy, I remained out of focus.

Then it rained hard.

I thought about the day that was. That morning we were at Pangarap village, the nearest possible location we could get from Manila that looks like a province. We were featuring the life story of Dr. Socorro Martinez, a radiologist in Iloilo who raises funds for the medical expenses of indigent kids with cancer.


I took a picture of the kid talent who played the role as Kyle, the six-year old child who was one of the beneficiaries of Kaibigan ng mga Kabataang may Kanser (KKK).

He appeared convincingly ill.


Looking at the photo of Kyle sent by Dr. Socorro, he seems healthy because of that big smile on his face except that he’s wearing a mask and a cap.


Behind that hopeful face is a frail kid suffering from extreme pain because of cancer and sadness after his parents left him to his grandparents.

Dr. Socorro narrated the time when she went to visit Kyle in his house. She heard him moan in pain with eyes closed. He’d tell them to turn off the electric fan as even the slightest blow of air hurts his skin. His grandparents decided to stop the medical treatments ‘cause Kyle just wanted to stay at home. They accepted that anytime soon, he’ll die.


I was outside the house when they were filming that scene. I heard the grandparents cried while calling Kyle’s name.

The director shouted cut. End of scene.


I was back to consciousness. Next thing I knew, we we’re already filming the profile shots of the main characters.

Then I heard a new-born baby crying from the maternity ward.

It’s a wrap!


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