Golden Gay

(Moved from my old blog)

“Meet me”, exclaimed the person on the other side of the line.

I dropped the phone and headed to Harrison, where the Home for the Golden Gays is!

We intended to feature Justo Justo also known as JJ, the founder of the orphanage for old gays and lesbians, in our docu-drama. He seemed arrogant over the phone but because he might have a very good story to tell, I thought it’s worth a try.

He welcomed me into his home where he welcomed his friends too with open arms. He provided them with food and supported their medical needs. He treated them as his own family.

When I arrived, 80 year-old Mother Leony assisted JJ to sit up. JJ had been bed ridden for months because of a spine problem. But that didn’t stop him from happily sharing his life story.


He coined himself a Cinderella Man because he experienced every possible cruelty in life imposed by strangers and even by his own relatives, mostly because he is gay. “But there was nothing wrong with being a gay. I don’t hurt people”, he said as he looked at me straight in the eyes.

In fact, lesbians adopted him and loved him like a son. When he grew up, their house became the meeting place for special occasions until some extended friends asked if they could stay there for good as they don’t have other place to go to in their senior years. It became an orphanage for golden gays and lesbians.


Mother Leony told me that he should have been on the streets wandering alone had she not live with JJ and their friends. Life wouldn’t be as gay.


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