Broken Bad

(Moved from my old blog)

Let’s just call him Jessie.

Get the picture? If not, then watch Breaking Bad before reading this post.

We met in a coffee shop. He told me to watch Pulp Fiction and Bringing out to Dead after the silly me asked him to describe how to use drugs. I haven’t watched those movies up until now after four years.

“I was a businessman in the morning but a regular addict at night”, he confessed after sipping his hot coffee. He came from a well-known family, was a president of Rotary Club and was the officer-in-charge of anti-drug campaigns in Quezon City. No one would expect that he was a helpless and hopeless drug addict.


I think it no longer matters how he started and how much he lost because of his addiction. What’s more important is how much he gained after turning his life 360 degrees away from drugs.

He regained the trust of his family and they gave him the chance to start his own business for his new life. But instead of putting the money for his future, he built a rehabilitation center in a remote place in Bulacan.


During that interview, there were 12 in house drug dependents in the rehab. All were carefully disciplined and trained to be responsible and clean individuals. Their approach is less of a rehab and more of as a home where a family who cares lives.






After several days, we pursued filming the drama part of the episode. Our main profile was there watching.



That filming is remarkable because that was the first time I worked with my former Videography Professor Mark Limchoa who happened to be our director.


Since we only had limited budget, instead of getting and paying talents for minimal roles, I portrayed one of the needed character, a prostitute. Yay!


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